Energy Session

When we work together on your energy body, it's important to understand that I am not healing you. Every cell in your body contains the intelligence to operate in perfect health. As an energy practitioner, I am merely providing my time, knowledge and energy to facilitate your energy field to heal itself.

I work primarily with a systym called The Body Code, which is a comprehensive system for finding any/all underlying energetic issues related to your complaint. I also use a variety of other energy medicine techniques, some of which I will teach you to do on yourself. I strongly believe it benefits you most to empower you to manage your own health and healing.

Each session takes approximately 45 minutes. The session time varies depending on what your body is able to process in one session. The fee is per session, not per hour.

It can take a few sessions to get significant results, although most people experience noticeable shifts in just one session.

To get lasting results, you must be open to accept the energy shift and keep it. Some people undo or reject the work with limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging patterns. When that happens, we must look at the underlying benefits or reasons you have for creating those patterns and work on them too.

If you're curious to see if it will work for you, you can choose to book a single session to try it out, but booking a package of 3 sessions will save you money. My experience is that most people have no trouble thinking of more issues to work on, but if you don't need your additional sessions, I can work on your children, your pets, or you can gift your sessions to a friend.


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