Energy Work - How It Can Help

sad-dogLet's talk about emotional baggage - the residual energy of emotions that has been quietly tucked away in a secret place. Everyone's got some, right?  Negative emotions are just energy, vibrating at a lower frequency than your natural healthy state. These energies, from emotional events in your life, can become "stuck" in your body, causing malfunctions of bodily tissues, pain, disease, depression, mental blocks, limiting beliefs, anxiety and more. They can make life difficult, but energy work can help clear them, raising your vibration so your body can heal itself.

There are hundreds of different modalities out there to transmute low vibrations or stagnant energies into a more beneficial flow. I use a combination of methods, including The Emotion Code, The Body Code, Reiki, The Sedona Method, Tapping and others... I'm always learning new methods. 

You may have heard the phrase "EMOTION = Energy in MOTION". I like this perspective because it helps us remember that emotions are meant to keep moving; you simply feel them as they pass through your body and move on.  It's when you don't allow yourself to acknowlege and accept them that they stick around and cause havoc.  

Think of your emotions like a little kid on the playground that gets progressively louder and more perilous as he shouts, "LOOK AT ME!" The drama can be alleviated by simply paying attention to the child, or in the case of emotions, acknowledging them without judgement. The trouble is that we have been socialized to believe it's inappropriate to have emotions (or at least to show them), so we immediately judge them as bad, we learn to avoid them, shut them down, sweep them under the rug, or otherwise reject them. This is how we manifest bigger problems that show up as all forms of dis-ease (lack of ease). 

When I say that you must feel them in order to let them go, this does not need to be a difficult or painful experience. It's as simple as observing the energy move in your body for just a few minutes until it dissipates. We may live in a world that appears to be infinitely complex, but the reality is that managing your emotions and your energy is deceptively simple. I teach my clients how to tune into troublesome emotions and allow them to pass quickly with ease so they are empowered to help themselves every day.

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