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Shannon your work as an emotion code and life coach is truly healing. I have had the privilege to work with you and I can say that you are very intuitive and sensitive person. You ask really great powerful questions and are able to sense when the client is not very cooperative and encourage them to work through their issues. The most valuable was the knowledge I have learnt, on how to look at things from another angle and see my relationships in a different light and as a result heal them. I Highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you again.
Posted By: Hanna
Lovely connection and authenticity. Great, 'powerful questions'. I'm glad I chose Shannon, she definitely has depth, perception and understanding that is required of a coach. Her background as an entrepreneur was also helpful.
Posted By: Lori Hurst
As my Life Coach, Shannon was insightful, understanding and very intuitive as to what I was going through. She seemed to know what tools I needed. I found her to be very caring yet also professional. She made me feel comfortable while discussing difficult matters and was able to uncover deep wounds inside me. With Shannon's help, my outlook definitely changed for the better.
Posted By: Thad
Shannon helped me with my time management, which is ongoing, as well as worked with my ideas to help my accountability and focus. Her strengths are flexibility, supportive, focused, good listener. Provided difficult feedback when needed. Good sense of humor, organized.
Posted By: Geri Bridges
My anxiety got really knocked down by our sessions together and I am much more at ease all of the time - and sleeping better!
Posted By: Peggy
Shannon is a caring and competent energy healing practitioner. She helped me with a knee injury and greatly sped up the recovery time. I can't thank her enough.
Posted By: Steve
After my first Emotion Code session I felt like I had some clarity on my emotions and some of the weight of my emotional baggage was lifted. I felt like I had a better understanding of the how and why I was carrying these emotions, and some I didn't even know I had. For example, "feeling supported" was one that came up several times. This is something I had never really thought about, but ever since my sessions I have come to realize that feeling supported is something really important to me and can really affect the way I feel about myself and the decisions I make. When I feel unsupported, this can spark other negative emotions, and so on.

The second session continued to work on two issues I had with resentment, and also completely worked through my 15-foot thick heart wall. After this, the issues I was working on went down from a 7 or 8 out of 10, down to 2 or 3. Realizing these changes in my emotions made me feel more empowered and self-assured.

I would recommend this to everyone, because we all have some emotional baggage, and this was just another step in becoming more self-aware. I felt like the Emotion Code was helping to treating the cause, not just the symptom, and I would certainly be open to more sessions.

This is a great technique for emotional wellness and I felt like I was in very safe hands with you. It was obvious that you really knew what you were doing, and it's super convenient to be able to have the sessions over Skype.

Thanks, Shannon! :)
Posted By: Alison
You are amazing!! Thanks so much for your energy therapy Shannon. I continue to move my knees with ease, and that makes me VERY VERY happy!!
Posted By: Sharon Glover
Thank you soooooo much for the healing session, the excellent and thorough followup, and also for your wonderful energy and telephone manner! Much gratitude!
Posted By: Lynn
Hi Shannon, I just had to let you know that I've hardly had any pain in my neck since the energy treatment, it's amazing!!!! I will definitely keep passing on your info, and again, thank you! Still not sure how that works but it works, and I will recommend you!
Posted By: Anne

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