Are You Sabotaging Your Healthy Efforts?

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 Your vitality is in direct proportion to how brightly and how frequently you let your light shine.  To be clear, your light is always shining; you simply have to let go of what’s dimming it from being seen – the veils or filters that conceal the brightness of who you really are.

Let’s talk about this in terms of healthy behaviours. There are many activities you can do to increase your physical and mental health – clean eating, active movement, quality sleep, medicine when necessary, meaningful relationships, enlisting support, therapy, researching alternatives, relaxation, self-care, etc. We all know about these opportunities and activities that lead to greater health and vitality.

Once you decide on what activity you would like to add or remove from your life, and once you get to the point that you are ready to make the change, or maintain it, the key to success in this endeavour is your mindset. As it turns out, your mindset is largely, I’d say primarily, a result of your vibration (how brightly or dimly you allow your light to shine). Vibration precedes everything else.

For example, when you eat your greens because you think you should or must; when you pay no attention to it, shovel it down, or just get it over with; your body cannot benefit from it the same way it would if you were focused on higher vibrations such as the enjoyment, satisfaction, or gratitude of this otherwise healthy activity.

When you eat under duress (stress), your nervous system shifts to preparing to fight or flee; it slows or stops your ability to fully digest and assimilate the nutrients to heal your cells because all the body’s energy and attention goes to your survival needs instead of your regenerative, restorative, healing needs. When you’re focused on how much you hate what you’re eating, that you don’t have time to eat, or when you judge something as bad for you, you ensure that you’re not getting the nutritional benefits you could be getting from it.

Alternatively, when you apply your attitude and mindset to mindfulness, gratitude, appreciation, enjoyment, savouring, and focusing on the pleasure of what you’re eating (no matter if it’s a green smoothie or chocolate cake), you increase your body’s uptake of nutrition and ability to heal your cells, thereby increasing your physical vitality, while also increasing your mental-emotional vitality.

Bringing it back around now, your job is to let your light shine by being mindful of your thoughts, behaviours and limiting beliefs (beliefs are simply repetitive thoughts, which you can choose to change). Instead, focus on what brings you joy. Do things (including eat) deliberately, with positive intention, awareness, presence and gratitude. The longer you can stay clear of those low-vibe filters, the easier it gets to keep your light shining bright, and the more vitality you feel.

TAKE ACTION TODAY:  Eat your next meal without distraction (no TV, cell phone, reading, computer). Really pay attention to each and every bite, savouring the flavour and texture, and being grateful for the nutritional healing that is being delivered to your cells. Notice how your body feels, breathe deeply to relax, and stop when you feel satisfied. Notice how your behaviour, needs, and desires change when you do this. Let me know what you discover!

Peace and ease,

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