The Flow Zone and the Daily Grind


When you're on vacation - especially the kind where you're travelling around a lot - it's such a great feeling when you get into that zone where you stop planning and just go with the flow.  Coincidences lead to amazing experiences and opportunities that are perfect for you. 

Then you come home and you suffer a bit of culture shock because you don't quite fit back into your old box anymore. You notice that you have to try harder, push a little more, repsonsibilities drag you down, and that awesome sense of ease and flow is gone. Wouldn't it be great to keep living in the zone at home?

It's definitely easier to be in the zone on vacation than back in the daily grind, but it CAN be done.

WHAT is that flow zone?

It's when you are living in alignment with your true self, when you stop worrying about the details, when you follow your intuition and it leads to the next cool experience or new friend. When you feel great and everything happens easily and perfectly - even the so-called challenges turn out for the best.

WHY does the flow zone happen more easily on vacation?

You are living in the present.

  • this is easier to do on vacation because everything is about the now. You're there to enjoy yourself and fewer details are pre-planned - you just do what you feel like (more on this in a minute).
  • in real life, you have a schedule that is not entirely up to you because you are responsible to others. Detailed planning is required to get everything done.

You are aligned with, and stay in, what Danielle LaPorte calls your core desired feelings - the 3-5 emotions you want to feel 90% of the time.

  • this is easier on vacay because that's what we have vacations for - to feel happy, relaxed, excited, engaged, free, etc.
  • you don't know how you will achieve these feelings specifically, you don't plan it, you just expect to feel great and you know it will happen, so it does.
  • you have no need to control every detail and instead, surrender to whatever happens as part of the adventure.

HOW can we live in the zone in everyday life?

Staying in the feeling you desire is at the top of the list. The rest of it comes easier if you just do this.

  • define what your core desired feelings are and then ask yourself what you can do to feel that way throughout the day. You may find ways to make a mundane task feel better, or choose a different task altogether and delegate what doesn't feel good sometimes.
  • instead of focusing on specific tasks, to-do lists, or goals, you might try focusing on your bigger intentions based on your core desired feelings and then design your actions based on moving towards your intentions. In other words, allow yourself to be more flexible in how you get there.

Living in the now is another key way to stay in the zone. You've heard all the hype around mindfulness? Being present in the moment is key because it helps you let go of the how. Trying to constantly define the how is basically worrying about the future.

  • when you live in the moment, you have an opportunity to appreciate instead of trying to control. Appreciation and gratitude is not only a statement that "I like this," but also that "I already have this." In terms of the Law of Attraction, this is a powerful mindset because that feeling of appreciating what you have is the Truth/Aligned and because there's no resistance to that, you will attract more of that high vibration.
  • In the now, you are open to noticing more coincidences, signs and opportunities, which make you feel good and grateful, which fuels more positive experiences, and keeps you in the flow zone.

As with anything you want to change in your life, you need to implement a daily practice to get good at it. The key components to practice are:

  • staying in your core desired feelings
  • letting go of controlling the how
  • living in the now
  • appreciating or being grateful for what is
  • expecting greatness - know it will happen


Peace and ease,

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