2018 Is Already Miraculous!


I am releasing worry.

No more worry about time. No more worry about money. No more worry about my ability to achieve my dreams. No more worry about anything.

I know the Universe has my back. It’s something I’ve believed for a long time, but I’ve not been PRACTICING knowing that.

The thing is, when I’m connected, aligned, in flow, I know the Truth…

The Truth that I am confident and capable… That I don’t ever have to worry about time…  That I don’t ever have to worry about money… That I do not have to worry about what others think of me…

Because I trust everything happens in the perfect timing for me. Because I trust that money flows with ease and I will always be taken care of. Because I trust that when I am living in alignment, being my best self, no one else’s opinion matters to me and I feel AMAZING!


I always receive exactly what I need, and everything always works out for the best for me at the perfect time.


I KNOW this stuff, but I haven’t KNOWN it as a “way of life”. I haven’t OWNED it. I haven’t made a daily practice of it. And so, I haven’t brought that reality into form consistently. I’ve let my inner critic run the show a lot. The critic who says “it’s not real because well… where’s the damn evidence?!”

I’M SO DONE WITH THAT SHIT. How about you?

I reject my inner critic’s reality. I CHOOSE to remember EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. That my reality is the one I know in my heart to be True (with a capital “T”). The one where I already have it all. Exactly the way I want it. And I’m so grateful for having that reality, for having the ability to feel what it’s like and see it clearly in my mind’s eye. I am able to let go of “wanting” it (a vibration of lack), because I can experience it NOW, in the reality I created in my mind, at any time.

I know that it’s real because it FEELS RIGHT. It feels strong. It is an inner knowing that cannot be denied.

And from this place, all I have to do each day is:

1. Remember, feel, and be grateful for my ideal vision of reality. Operate from the mindset, the knowing in my heart, that THAT IS my reality.

2. Take action to make my reality visible to the rest of the world; to make it real to everyone else.

3. Reject my inner critic’s every attempt to keep things the same, by CHOOSING to remember my Truth instead, and hold to that Truth with tenacity.


Every day I am SURPRISED AND DELIGHTED by evidence of my ability to create my reality into form.


Are you with me?


Start by getting clear on how you want to FEEL.

Then determine what your life would look like if you felt that way.

What would you be doing? What’s surrounding you? Where do you live? Who is with you? How does your body look? Your work? Your relationships? Your lifestyle, fun, spirituality? What kind of mindset do you have? Habits? Beliefs? And keep tapping into how you feel.

How do you FEEL?


Really FEEL IT! Feel your beautiful body. Feel your awesome emotions. Feel your powerful positive mindset.

See it. Feel it. It’s real. KNOW that it’s REAL for you right now! Be grateful for it!

Now, decide how you will keep reminding yourself of THAT reality – Your Truth – Your Inner Reality, so you can bring it into the physical realm where everyone else can see it too.

Operate from that mindset every day and be vigilant about maintaining it against all odds.

Here’s to a miraculous year!

Peace, Ease & Love,
Signature Shannon transp



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