Do you ever feel like you miss your LIFE?

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... like you miss your SELF?

You've been so busy with your business or work - and all that it takes to be successful - that you forgot to look up... 

Because you love your work. You're making a difference in the world!

But somehow you've lost your self along the way.

The "all work - no life" existence is draining your energy and your satisfaction with all that you've achieved.

Yet it feels so damned selfish to complain about it because from the outside, it sure looks like you've got it all. You made it, girlfriend! You have achieved society's definition of success!

Nevertheless, when you finally allow yourself to ask, "is this really it?"...

You realize how much you miss all the other things that make life fulfilling.


But you're so far down the rabbit hole you're not sure how to get out! 

overwhelm smallWhen you give the idea more than a second thought, you discover you're overwhelmed with where to start, confused about how to do it, worried about wasting time, and afraid of dropping the ball in your business....

So you've let it slide... and now...

  • your health is suffering
  • you could stand to lose a few pounds
  • your sex life is soooo last month (or last year!)
  • you're energy levels are in the toilet
  • you're not sleeping well
  • you're too busy or too tired to play with your kids, and
  • your performance at work ain't what it used to be!

You aren't having fun anymore. It's all work and no life!

You know you need to at least get your health in order, even if you don't know what to do about the rest of it yet, but the problem is...

  • old habits die hard
  • new habits rarely seem to last
  • your business is top priority
  • dieting doesn't work
  • you'll just fall off the wagon
  • you can't find a fitness program you enjoy
  • you don't have time
  • it's hard to get started
  • you don't have time to make separate meals for everyone in your family
  • it's exhausting just thinking about it
  • you've never been able to break that insidious food addiction
  • you forget to eat when you're working
  • you have special dietary needs
  • insert any excuse here...


personal responsibility for wellness 2  

So how can we fix this?

The question to ask yourself first is, why do you want to fix it? >> I mean your really BIG why... the one that identifies what you want for your WHOLE LIFE, the one that drives you forward, the one tied to your highest values, the one that if you achieve it, you will be completely fulfilled, satisfied and happy... THAT why.

Once you know your big why, you'll find that none of your excuses will hold up. It will just be a matter of planning the best way for YOU to get there.

shannonstaples 200x267My name is Shannon Staples. I am a certified professional life coach, and I am passionate about helping women like you create health, happiness, success and high vitality in every area of your life. 360 degrees of wellness, without compromising your business success... in fact, you will increase your energy and performance all around!  

I help you assess your current situation, identify your big why to keep you motivated, develop a completely doable plan for lasting lifestyle change, and support you to achieve it. Throughout our time together we will identify and transform the limiting thoughts, emotions and behavioural patterns that hold you back. This “inside-out” approach gets to the core issues quickly and allows for more sustainable change with greater results and less effort.

In my coaching practice, I blend modalities, drawing upon my education and experience in Holistic Wellness Coaching, Nutrition, Counseling, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mindset, Energy Medicine, The Law of Attraction and my life as a Mom, Wife and Solopreneur.

Wishing you 360 degrees of Wellness!


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P.S.  If you're interested in exploring the possibility of working with me one on one - to let go of stress & overwhelm and slip on a life of peace, ease, health and happiness - I have space for a couple new coaching clients! To see if we're a good fit, simply click here to fill out a short questionnaire.

If you're not quite ready for that, why not click here and request to join my private FB Group, where I will answer any questions you have about being your best self and optimizing your whole life wellness!

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