Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Energy

ChooseI recently received a request for help from someone who feels stuck in a negative cycle of events. Perhaps you can identify with her dilemma.

She wrote, "I have always been a positive person, but recently shitty events keep occurring to me. I am wondering when it’s my turn for amazing. I can’t seem to manifest it. I know it won’t just happen, I have to create it, but for the first time I’m completely unsure of how to do that."

Here's my reply...

When you are stuck creating and recreating negative events, it’s because you are in a catch-22 situation of believing in that negativity. You see “evidence” of it in the shitty events that occur in your life, and you forget that the universe can provide something better if you could just shift into KNOWING that to be true. 

When you buy into these negative events as evidence that you can’t create your reality, your energy is vibrating in resonance with "lack". You need to shift into "abundance". 

It seems impossible to get out of this cycle. 

You've been here before. You've tried "acting as if" and repeating affirmations until you're blue in the face and the reality is, this stuff isn't working for you despite the fact that millions of others seem to be experiencing massive success.

Just saying affirmations and "acting as if" isn't enough because you don't believe yourself. Your subconscious negates your efforts. You have to repeat the process so often that you retrain your brain to believe it and that is hard and time consuming, so you don't stick with it long enough.  

So what else can you do to get off the hamster wheel of lack and negativity?

The first way is to bypass your subconscious by not "giving in" to the evidence that you see. It is very simple, but not always easy.  When something undesirable happens, you have to remind yourself to not fall for it... you have to muster up your belief that the universe will help you achieve your goal (or something even better!). You have to refocus your attention on your goal, and have FAITH that this event that appears negative is a trick to throw you off course. You have to CHOOSE to think differently.

Some people have good success with this by thinking of each negative event as a test of their faith, and therefore it’s easier for them to say, “I won’t fall for this test to throw me off. I don't believe in this false evidence. Thank you for the reminder to choose to rally around my belief that something even better is coming.”

The second way is to trick your subconscious with a different take on affirmations - instead of making a statement of abundance, you phrase the affirmation as a question. For example: “How does it get even better than this?” or “Why am I so abundant?” or “What will it take to be even more abundant?”  

This works for two reasons: 

  1. you state the question in a way that assumes you already have some level of abundance… you are not in lack, you just know it can get better, and 
  2. a question gives your mind a task to keep it busy. Our brains love puzzles and hate unsolved problems. So giving it a question that has no real answer sets it to task trying to find it. Your subconscious is put into solution mode, which is a state of POSSIBILITY, where it’s open to anything that will help you get what you’re looking for. Your energy shifts out of lack into “anything is possible” and amazing opportunities can show up when you maintain that state.


  1. Write down your big audacious goal, and when you will achieve it. Put it in your wallet. Share it with supportive friends. This is your declaration to the Universe.  
  2. Create an affirmation question (or several) that you will use repeatedly. Make it your new mantra.
  3. Choose to believe that it’s possible and that you won’t be thrown off by F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

Please comment below!  Share your answers to these action steps, or thoughts and questions you may have.


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