Worried About The World Your Child Grow Up In?

WORRIED ABOUT THE WORLDYOUR CHILD WILL GROW UP IN Your life changed when you became a parent. So many new responsibilities... and worries.

When you became a parent, did you feel the added burden of bringing a child into this messed up world?  I have to admit, it was overwhelming for me.

How could I make any significant difference to help solve the world's problems: the environment, climate change, starvation, over population, genocide, suicide, murder, economic meltdown, big pharma, corporate greed, political corruption, extinction, deforestation, violence, racism, etc, etc? And yet, how could I not at least try, for the sake of my child?

I couldn't sleep at night. I saw doom and gloom everywhere. Why would I want to bring a child into this world to suffer through all this crap?

Eventually, I decided I needed to take my focus OFF of what was wrong with the planet, and actively focus on making it better! I made a decision to change 3 simple things that would directly affect my child's life and experience of the world for the better:

  1. I stopped watching the news, which achieves it's business agenda and high ratings by selling fear. I concluded that living in fear was perpetuating the very thing I didn't want.
  2. I decided to step outside of my comfort zone, dream big and strive for greatness so that I could be a good role model for my son and make a difference in the world. 
  3. I stopped being content with playing small and decided to openly speak my truth in hopes that I might inspire others to do the same.

I decided to do these things because I believe that the best way one person can make a change, is to "BE the change," as Gandhi says. And that is how this burden of worry and responsibility became my blessing -- I became a better person.

And you can too! By choosing to raise your vibration out of fear and into joy and by choosing to help others do the same, you will contribute to making the world a better place. 

TAKE ACTION TODAY: What will you choose? How might you make a difference in your own life first so that you can be your best self? Reply below!


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