How Seeking Your Purpose Keeps You Stuck

seeking your purpose keeps you stuckToday I want to delve deeper into helping you find clarity for your meaningful life, so let’s talk about the big question…

“What is your life purpose?”

It’s a question that holds a lot of weight for some people. 

Most people aren’t sure what their purpose is, and for many people this question may raise feelings of frustration, overwhelm, despair, worry, hopelessness.... 

Part of the reason you might be struggling with this issue, is the concept of “life purpose” itself. The idea that you were born for some higher purpose and it’s your mission to find and fulfill this singular activity creates a lot of pressure!  The message is - if you don't have a life purpose, your life is meaningless, unfulfilling, and unhappy.

In fact, this pressure might be what's stopping you from moving forward at all. Maybe you're afraid to start because you don’t want to risk going down the wrong path, so you're waiting until you know for sure what the right path is. What if you go down that ONE path and you don't ever reach your destination? What if you change your mind about what your purpose is? How will you feel if some unavoidable obstacles prevent you from achieving it? Are you then a failure?

If you have ever felt this way, I invite you to consider a new perspective...

Sometimes we spend our time doing things that are important and sometimes we just don't. The important things are what give our lives meaning and happiness. 

So when you're wondering what your life purpose is, or what you're "supposed to do," another way to think about it is to ask yourself, “What can I do with my time that is important?”  This eliminates the baggage that comes with the life purpose question and also creates a state of mind that is more open to possibility. Now you have more options.

What’s important to you generally corresponds with what you are “passionate” about. It isn’t necessarily only one thing and it may change through different stages of your life.

You may not even like the idea of attaching to specific passions - that's okay too.  Perhaps you will find meaning and direction in what you value, or a fundamental emotion that you tend to desire. Your core values and the feelings that underlie your desire for various things,  provide guidelines for the behaviours and actions you take, and living life in alignment with your values may be all you need to feel satisfied.  

The important thing is that you are doing something that makes you happy and raises your vibration, which uplifts thousands of others and inspires some people to do the same… which makes the world a better place. I'm not saying you should throw out the concept of having a purpose if it serves you, I'm merely offering a perspective to help you get unstuck and start doing something "important."

TAKE ACTION TODAY: Connect to your inner wisdom and create a list of what's important, meaningful, fun or inspiring to you. 

I’m excited about the possibilities that await you!


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