How to Shift the Energy of Blocks, Fears and Baggage

When you dive into your issues in a deep conversation with a friend, or if you’ve ever had any type of psychotherapy or counseling, you know that naming the issue, accepting it, and coming to an understanding of it can really help you to let go of it or move on. This simple method of energy work can help you do the same.

Energy work can help you move on from fears, blocks, or emotional baggage - and you can do it yourself. 

Feeling into the energetic “charge” of a situation within your body allows the energy to shift. Just by observing the energy or the feeling associated with a troublesome situation, you give it the message that you “see it.” Giving it (that aspect of you) unconditional love and acceptance is all it needs to transmute into love itself.

Your issues manifest on a physical level because you were unprepared to deal with the primary incident that started it all. You were younger, less knowledgeable and less experienced – you simply did not have the resources available to do any better than you did. So you did the best you could with what you had. Let me repeat that – you did the best you could with what you had. This statement is the key to forgiveness. And it is from this space of forgiveness that you “observe without judgement” and send that aspect of yourself the unconditional love and acceptance it has been waiting for.

What you resist, persists. And the more you resist it, the more you entrench that energy in your body and the denser it becomes until it manifests physically. The law of attraction makes it so. The Universe says, “You want to resist that? OK, I’ll keep providing that energy for you to resist.”

Doing energy work on yourself can be as simple as focusing your attention to allow whatever you’re feeling to be acknowledged without judgment and without expectation. When you own your feelings in this way, the energy is free to flow and move on, instead of persist.

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What You Resist PERSISTS



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