How to Elicit the Power of the Law of Attraction

Thoughts are concentrated bits of energy

In the application of the Law of Attraction, enjoyment, change and continuity are tied together: it is important to enjoy the changes you manifest in order to continue receiving more.

Consciously enjoying what you create is another way of being grateful for it, and being grateful is an important step in showing the Universe that you’d like more of the same, or that you recognize the gift in what you received. It helps you maintain positive energy so that you can continue to manifest with the law of attraction. 

Enjoying what you create also shows you are open to change. When you attract new things into your life, you are attracting change. Being grateful for it sends the message to the universe that you are willing to accept change, so the law of attraction can continue to work for you by presenting new opportunities (changes you may accept) to achieve your wishes.

You might be wondering what is meant by conscious enjoyment.  It’s not limited to a cursory thought about it, or stating a brief and singular “thank you.”  It’s a shift in your state of mind to maintain a level of gratitude, joy or pleasure on a daily basis. It can also include showing your enjoyment by choosing to do something special with, or because of, your new acquisition. “Actions speak louder than words” in the law of attraction too – when you DO something to show your appreciation of what you manifested, you are taking action to show what you want in your life, and you will continue to more powerfully pull positive things toward you.

When you consciously appreciate what you’ve got, you are more easily able to exclude negativity from your mindset. The more often you can keep your thoughts positive, the more positivity you will attract.  So it’s in your best interest to work on releasing any negative thoughts as soon as they enter your mind!  One way to help maintain a positive attitude is to surround yourself with the things you love most, so that you are constantly reminded of how abundant you are!

Most people have some fear around change. As humans, we are hardwired to stay safe and since the change you are seeking to manifest is not something you have personal experience with, your ego will often bring about feelings of fear, worry, or other negative emotions to try to protect you from the “scary unknown!”  This should not stop you from using the Law of Attraction; you simply need to be aware that it’s your overprotective ego who’s eliciting unnecessary angst and choose to override it. Choose something better. Remember that you deserve all the good things you want in life.

Thus, in order to elicit enjoyment, change and continuity and maximize your success with the law of attraction, you must align your thoughts, emotions and actions with gratitude and positivity in every way you can!


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